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30 Years Experience

Dr Jillian Stansbury
Naturopathic Physician
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Dr Stansbury was the first natural medicine physician in Battle Ground and has been in business since 1988!  

She has brought together a steller team of experts and created a GREEN business.  We are solar powered, collect rain water, use only non-toxic products, recycle all glass, paper, and metal, and conserve resources

Dr Stansbury's Awards

National Univeristy of Natural Medicine
BG Healing Arts
Herbal Medicne
David Winston
Herbal Medicine

In 2019 Doctor Jill Stansbury was awarded the prestigious Order of the University for her decades of teaching, writing professional textbooks, and creating an ethnobotany curriculum. Dr Sstansbury is an Expert in Alternative Medicine and offers health care for communities surrounding Battle Ground, Vancouver, and Ridgefield.

Ethnobotany Research in the Amazon

amazon research field courses
Medicinal Plants 
Plant Spirit Medicine
Wachiperi queros

Dr Stansbury is an ethnobotanist and has conducted research with various indigenous communiites in the amazon rain forest for 15 years.  She has written and presented extensively about traditional wisdom.

Doctor Stansbury brings some specialty herbs to her Battle Ground apothecary for use in classes to add to her fair-trade gifts.

Dr Stansbury has Published Numerous Professional Textbooks and Herb Books

Herbal Formularies for Health Professionals
Dr Stansbury
BG Healing Arts
Herbal Medicine

Dr Stansbury's professional herbal formularies have recieved rave reviews.


The books are also available at our Battle Ground apothecary open 9-5

Dr Stansbury's Lectures and Conferences

Dr Jillian Stansbury
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Battle Ground
Herbal Medicine
Alternative Functional

Dr Stansbury has presented several hundred original papers and presentations at professional conferences and herb gatherings.  Recordings available at 




Herb Classes and Naturopathic CE

Naturopathic CE
jill stansbury
herbal studies
bg herbs
Healing Arts
continuing education

Doctor Stansbury has also taught locally in Battle Ground leading herbwalks, medicine making classes, nutritional classes, and numerous herb topics.  Stop into the Apothecary and get on the Mailing List.

For Continuing Education Courses See



Dr Stansbury is a reknowed lecturer and has presented her research in the field of herbal medicine widely throughout the US and Canada over the past several decades.  

See below for a small collection of videos and powerpoints.

If you are a health professional interested in Naturopathic CE Credits, see also our link to Dr Stansbury's course offerings.


Excerpt of a Cardiovascular Lecture by Dr Jillian Stansbury

This is a small excerpt of a lecture given by Dr Jillian Stansbury for the American Association of Restorative Medicine.

The excerpt reviews categories of herbal medicines appropriate for cardiovascular health and used by physicians to treat blood pressure issues, heart failure, clotting disorders, high cholesterol, and stress and hormone-induced cardiac irregularities and arrhythmias,

Excerpt of an thyroid health Lecture by Dr Jillian Stansbury

This is an excerpt of a lecture on alternative medicine approaches to endocrinology given by Dr Jillian Stansbury for the American Association of Restorative Medicine.

This excerpt focuses on thyroid hormones and offers a wholistic prespective on treating hypothyroidism, hashimoto's thyroiditis, grave's disease, and mixed complex endocrine disorders.

Excerpt of an Adrenal Function Lecture by Dr Stansbury

In this video clip excerpted from a larger endocrinology lecture, Dr Jill Stansbury speaks about herbal therapies for adrenal function at an American Association of Restorative Medicine conference.

In this lecture Dr Stansbury reviews some of the symptoms of adrenal down regulation and discusses herbs known to improve adrenal function such as the "adaptogens" ginseng, Ashwagandha, licorice, Eleutherococcus and more.

And Now for Something Completely Different - Plant Spirits

In this excerpt from a longer presentation Dr Jillian Stansbury speaks about the concept of plants as living entities - sometimes referred to as Plant Spirit Medicine.

Dr Stansbury's upbringing in celtic mythology as well as her decade spent studying with indigenous tribes in the amazon has inspired these metaphysical musings.

Dr Stansbury is a Battle Ground expert in natural medicine and operates an alternative medicine clinic and an herbal apothecary.